How to plan a trip to Amish Country, Ohio

Things to know about Amish Country, Ohio before you book your trip

If you’re thinking about visiting Amish Country, you are in good company –  Amish Country, Ohio draws visitors from all over the world!  Travelers come to Amish Country looking for a simpler pace, home-cooked meals, local cheeses, and hand-crafted furniture. No matter the reason for your visit – here are my tips for planning a trip to Amish Country, Ohio.

Getting to Amish Country, Ohio

Amish Country, Ohio is located in Holmes County, which is in northeast Ohio.  If visiting Amish Country from out-of-state, the closest airports are Cleveland and Columbus.  Cleveland (CLE) and Columbus (CMH) airports are both approximately 90-minutes from Millersburg (the county seat of Holmes County).  You will need to rent a car to visit Amish Country.

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What is the best Amish town?

Amish Country, Ohio consists of the villages of Millersburg, Berlin, Walnut Creek, Sugarcreek, Charm, and Mt. Hope; but there are many other small villages in the area.  The neighboring counties of Wayne, Coshocton, and Tuscarawas also have an Amish & Mennonite presence and tourist attractions.

Millersburg is the county seat of Holmes County and the largest town. There is no bad spot to center yourself in Amish Country, there are pockets of Amish all over Holmes County. If you prefer to stay on the main roads, State Route 39 from Millersburg to Sugarcreek is the main thoroughfare for finding most dining and shopping.

Planning a trip to Amish Country, Ohio - Millersburg, Ohio is the county seat of Holmes County and can serve as a nice base for exploring the surrounding Amish communities.
The Millersburg Courthouse – Millersburg is the county seat of Holmes County.

Where to stay in Ohio’s Amish Country

When planning a trip to Amish Country, visitors will realize that there is a range of accommodations for all budgets and preferences.  Travelers can have their pick of chain hotels, bed & breakfasts, and smaller inns. For visitors seeking a unique experience, choose to sleep in a honeycomb suite, treehouse, a converted barn, or tiny home.

Amish Country is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, too.  Most accommodations are set up for couples.  Visitors will have no problem finding something for every budget.

Planning a trip to Amish Country, Ohio - Amish Country has lodging options for all budgets.  Cabin rentals are becoming more popular.
This beautiful view is from Hillside Hideaways Cabin Rental.

If you’re traveling to Amish Country with children, look for hotels that offer suites.  The Wallhouse Hotel in Walnut Creek and the Berlin Grande Hotel in Berlin are both good options. (Here’s my review of the Wallhouse Hotel). The Bluebird Cottage in Western Holmes County is the perfect place for families to enjoy time together after exploring Amish Country together.

If you’re trying to stay somewhere that is convenient to shopping and attractions, I recommend staying in Berlin or Walnut Creek. However, the Millersburg area is nice for a weekend stay because most things in Berlin & Walnut Creek are closed on Sundays. (Visiting on the weekend? Check out my list of things to do on a Sunday).

Looking for more space to spread out?  Check out VRBO! There are some great apartments and cabins in the area. Here is also a list of my favorite places to stay in Amish Country.

The best season to visit Amish Country, Ohio

Fall is the most popular time to visit Amish Country.  There’s something about pumpkins, corn stalks, and falling leaves that makes the area even more magical. October is also the month that Sugarcreek hosts the Swiss Festival and Millersburg is host to the Antique Festival. That said, weekends during October tend to be the most expensive and sought-after time.

Click Here for my list of things to do in Amish Country in the fall

Fall is the perfect time to plan a visit to Amish Country.

June through September are also busy months in Amish Country.  The weather is typically warm and pleasant, but sometimes July and August can be hot and muggy!  However, July is a good time to watch Amish farmers baling hay.

One of my favorite times to visit Amish Country is in early May when the weather first turns warmer, but the crowds have yet to arrive.  Visiting in the off-season of late November is also fun because many shops are full of Christmas decor and it’s a great time to do Christmas shopping.  There are also plenty of Holiday Events on the calendar to keep you busy (see my list of Amish Country holiday events HERE).

Make a note that when visiting in the colder months, outdoor dining and some of the tourist attractions will be closed. Many businesses shut their doors from Christmas – March.

Tips for planning a trip to Amish Country, Ohio.  How to plan a trip to Holmes County to see the world's largest Amish settlement. This barn pictured was the first Amish settlement in Holmes County.
This barn is part of the historic Jonas Stutzman property – the first Amish settlement in Holmes County.

As I’ve shared, Amish Country, Ohio has something for all travelers and all seasons.  No matter the type of hotel or the season visited, you’re sure to have a great time. 

I hope I’ve made planning your Amish Country getaway a little easier!  Do you have any more questions about planning a trip to Amish Country?  Pop them in the comments- I’d love to help!


Planning a trip to Amish Country, Ohio.  Things to know and consider before booking a trip to Amish Country.  Tips for a first-time visitor to Holmes County, Ohio
Planning a trip to Amish Country, Ohio - Guide for those planning their first trip to Holmes County, Ohio and surrounding areas.  Things to consider before visiting the world's largest Amish settlement.

11 thoughts on “How to plan a trip to Amish Country, Ohio”

  1. Will be our first visit to Amish country. What is the best date for a couple to visit. Interested in the Farmers Market. Would like to come for a few days at the beginning of the event. Or what is the latest time to for the Farmers Market?
    Looking for a Hotel/Inn that is for a Seniors budget!
    Thank You Richard Buhler

    1. Hi Richard! Are you asking about the Farmers Market in Millersburg? It usually begins on Saturday mornings in mid-May. There are other small farmers’ markets throughout the county – Memorial Day – late September is your best bet for these. The Berlin Village Inn or The Inn at Walnut Creek would probably be good bets for what you’re asking.

  2. My mother, sister and I are going to Amish Country for a day. We are staying Friday night in Dover so we have all day Saturday to do whatever. I was told to plan if and In looking at everything I am feeling overwhelmed. Do you have any suggestions for a one day trip?

  3. Samantha McClarin

    I’m trying to plan a day trip for myself and a few girlfriends. We would love to do some shopping and maybe have a meal with an Amish family. When I try to get information or set up a reservation nothing seems to work.

    I’ve never done this before can could use a little help on what I should do.

    1. Hi Samantha, What do you need help with? Dinner in an Amish home? I don’t know if any are opening right now because of COVID. Who have you already contacted?

  4. Hi Terri! I do not run the visitor center. You’ll want to check out The Holmes County Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau. Thanks! Happy traveling!

  5. Hi Ike, I would contact Visit Amish Country, which is the Visitor’s Bureau. The # is 330-674-3975. I am not affiliated with them. Thanks for reading!

  6. A package stay from Dutch Host Inn will introduce visitors to several Amish businesses in the area and give them a chance to see a lot of different territory. It makes for a nice trip.

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