Best Local Roadside Stands for Flowers & Produce

Best produce stands in Amish Country, Ohio

One of the joys of driving scenic byways in Amish Country is the opportunity to visit roadside stands and produce markets. Yes, many people come to Amish Country to purchase big-ticket items like bedroom suites and outdoor furniture, but others making a day trip to Amish Country use the time as a way to pick up fresh produce and flowers at a fraction of the cost of their city supermarket.

Here is my list of the best produce and roadside stands in Amish Country, Ohio.

Blessing Acres

Blessing Acres has been a favorite with locals for a long time, but they recently expanded to offer a much larger produce barn, with a covered area for flowers, fall pumpkins, and mums. The ambiance and prices haven’t changed though – visitors looking for affordable, homegrown produce, local honey & maple syrup, and small gift items, will not be left disappointed.  Visit in the fall for the picturesque fall display and a photo op.

Blessing Acres is located at 6735 TR 362, Millersburg, OH 44654.

Blessing Acres Amish Country

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery

Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery needs no introduction, as it’s one of the most popular stops for visitors to Holmes County. It is easy to see why it’s one of my favorite farm stands, because not only are there fresh produce and flowers, Hershberger’s offers the full farm experience!

Out-of-towners will love the petting zoo, buggy rides, and the seasonal pumpkin patch.  Because of the variety of experiences, Hershberger’s is the first place that we take our guests. Don’t forget to get some kettle corn and some cheese before you leave!

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery is located at 5452 OH 557, Millersburg.

Sweetwater Farm 

Sweetwater Farm is a quaint roadside stand just south of Sugarcreek. Sweetwater Farm evokes the Amish Country of old – with no commercialism – and away from the hustle and bustle of some of the busier main roads. 

This roadside stand is one of my favorites because of the fresh-cut flowers and local produce. The best time to visit is late July for the assortment of fruits and vegetables, and the best luck at admiring the blooming sunflower field.

Sweetwater Farm is located at 217 Buckeye St., Sugarcreek.

sweetwater farm amish country produce stand

Harvey’s Market

Harvey’s Market is a local favorite for its variety of fresh produce. Harvey’s does a great job of scouring local markets to get the best deals. They even operate after-hours on the Honor System. 

Harvey’s has expanded to two locations. One is on the west side of the county between Millersburg and Nashville, and the other is on the east side of the County, just west of Walnut Creek.  The western location is located at 12636 OH 39, Big Prairie. The east location is 3463 OH 39, Millersburg.

Harveys Markey Amish County roadside stand

Hillcrest Orchard

If you love apples, Hillcrest Orchard is the place to purchase apple varieties for your favorite pies, sauces, and juices. Not only does this 75-acre orchard double as a farm market, but there’s also a beautiful view over the scenic Walnut Creek valley.

During the fall months, the pumpkin and mum display is top-notch! I love stopping by to pick up their apple cider slushies, which are a favorite among young and old!

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The market is only open Monday-Saturday from August to March. It is located at 2474 Walnut St., Walnut Creek.

Hillcrest Orchard Amish Country Ohio

What is your favorite roadside stand for produce or flowers? Do you visit Amish Country for fresh goods? Please leave me a comment!


Best roadside stands in Amish Country Ohio - places to buy produce in Amish Country

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