Awesome Things to Do with Kids in Amish Country, Ohio

While Amish Country is often seen as a place for shoppers or quilt-lovers, there’s actually quite a lot of things to do in Amish Country, Ohio with kids! Here is a list of some of our favorite family-friendly activities you’ll find near Berlin, Millersburg, and Sugarcreek.

Family-friendly things to do in Amish Country

Hershberger’s Farm & Petting Area- near Millersburg

Hershberger’s Farm and Petting Area is one of the most popular places in Amish Country for families. Hershberger’s is an attraction that has something for family members of all ages. Very young children will like feeding the animals in the petting area, while older kids and teens may sampling the kettle corn and donuts, as well as buying some of their favorite cheese. A shopping area offers toys and outdoor goods. Buggy rides are available on warm-weather weekends.

For more details check out my full guide to visiting Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery.

Things to do in Amish Country with kids - Hershberger's Farm & petting zoo

The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock – Sugarcreek

Kids will go cuckoo for this larger-than-life clock in downtown Sugarcreek. The clock is over 23 feet tall and 24 feet wide. Make sure you time your visit before the top of the hour between 9 am and 9 pm – that’s when visitors get to watch the clock at its finest. The clock closes for the winter from roughly Nov- 1st of April. While you won’t get to see the dancers or the bird in the winter, it’s fairly majestic in the snow.

Things to do in Amish Country, Ohio with kids - Things to do in Sugarcreek, Ohio - World's Largest Cuckoo Clock

Bent & Dent Grocery Stores – throughout Amish Country

You wouldn’t normally think of a small grocery store as a place to take kids, but Amish Country’s numerous bent and dent stores are a lot of fun for kids! Why? Bent and dents have fun “treats” that they may not find at their normal grocery store, plus, many of them offer grab bags of expired candy bars

What’s in it for the adults? Oftentimes, lower, “non-tourist” prices on meat and cheese. Inexpensive cereals and other pantry items you can easily take home or use for snacks while traveling.

Dundee Falls – near Dundee, Ohio

While Amish Country is mostly farmland, there is one hiking opportunity that is sure to be a hit with kids! Dundee Falls is located about 10 miles north of Sugarcreek at the Beach City Wildlife Preserve. This trail would be best for kids 5 and up, but little ones would be ok in a hiking pack or baby carrier.

If visiting during the summer, you may want to wear your water shoes and swim trunks and enjoy playing in the stream! This is a great chance for kids to get the wiggles out when they’ve had enough of shopping and Amish culture.

Things to do in Amish Country, Ohio with kids - things to do near Sugarcreek Ohio - Dundee Falls

Cabin Creek Minigolf – between Sugarcreek and Baltic

Mini-golf is always a family-friendly activity because kids love it. This mini-golf course isn’t anything fancy that you would find in a resort town, but it is a lot of fun!

Location: 1361 County Rd. 108, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 Call ahead: 330-852-4879

Walk or Bike on the Rails to Trails – Millersburg

If you’re camping in the area and brought your bikes, make sure you don’t miss out on the Holmes Country Trail! This is the only dual-purpose trail in the country – it’s partially used by bikers and walkers and partially used by Amish buggies. Your family will have a unique experience while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature (and the clip-clop of horses). This is also a great place to push a stroller and get away from the busyness of life.

Parking for the trail is located at: 62 N. Grant Street, Millersburg

Things to do in Amish, Country, Ohio with kids- things to do in Millersburg, Ohio- Holmes County Rails to Trail

More things to do in Millersburg

The Farm at Walnut Creek – Walnut Creek

The Farm at Walnut Creek is at the top of most visitors’ list of things to do in Amish Country! It is really fun! The best part of the experience is feeding exotic animals from wagons driven by Amish guides. However, visitors to The Farm also get a glimpse into Amish life by perusing the basement of the home and the numerous barns.

Our favorite time to visit The Farm at Walnut Creek is during their Fall Festival. Check their Facebook page for announcements! Note: The farm only takes cash!

Click here: Our guide to The Farm at Walnut Creek

The Farm at Walnut Creek is one of the most popular things to do in Amish Country with kids.

Yoder’s Amish Home

Yoder’s Amish Home is a great place to learn about the Amish culture! Visitors to the home will learn about day-to-day life for the Amish and have the opportunity to see an Amish schoolhouse and take a buggy ride. You may want to make this one of the first stops on your visit so that children can have a better understanding of everything else they will see in the area.

Tip: Make sure you buy cookies before you leave!

Yoder’s Amish Home is open seasonally – in 2021 they plan to open on May 1.

Guggisberg Cheese

Guggisberg Cheese is one of Amish Country’s hallmarks – you can’t plan a visit to Amish Country without stopping for a look around. Inside Guggisberg Cheese you’ll find plenty of cheese, including their #1 award-winning baby swiss. Make sure you also explore the nearby gardens and take some fun photos with the Matterhorn.

After visiting Guggisberg, walk across SR 557 and feed the goats (one of our favorite free experiences in Amish Country), then maybe pop inside of Chalet in the Valley for lunch. Chalet in the Valley is known for its fondue- a fun experience to do with your children.

Guggisberg Cheese- things to do in Amish Country with kids.

Eat some ice cream!

The Amish love ice cream, and I know that many travelers do, too! The locals like to visit some of the following places:

  • Mudd Valley Creamery inside Walnut Creek Cheese
  • Dairy Queen inside the Bell Store in Berlin
  • Winesburg Dariette
  • Dover Rd Dari – Sugarcreek
  • Millers’s Creamery – Millersburg

Where to stay in Amish Country – for families

Our family of 6 likes The Wallhouse Hotel in Walnut Creek, Ohio. If you only need room for 4, check out the Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek. Both hotels have excellent indoor pools. I also recommend The Bluebird Cottage home rental.


Things to do in Amish Country, Ohio with kids - Family - friendly things to do in Berlin, Ohio- things to do in Millersburg, Ohio-

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