Wine down at these Amish Country Wineries

Visiting the best wineries of Amish Country, Ohio

When I was growing up in Millersburg, drinking alcohol was only for the “bad kids.” Cultural norms have changed and Amish Country has new establishments for those who enjoy a nice glass of beer or wine. Much of Holmes County is still “dry” and those townships are unable to serve alcoholic beverages, but visitors will still find places to wine and dine. Here is my list of the best wineries in Amish Country, Ohio.

Wineries near Millersburg, Ohio

Sunny Slope Winery

A few years back, Tom and Tara Bright morphed the family’s Sunny Slope gas station into a winery! With fun choices like “Slap” – a sweet wine “that’s so good you’ll wanna slap ya mama,” this stop is famous with the locals for their good times and live music on weekends.

A deli is available, but weekend events will also bring food trucks to Sunny Slope. If you’re looking for a place to sit outside and enjoy some live music, check their Facebook page for events.

Sunny Slope winery - Amish Country Ohio -- Best wineries Amish Country
Sunny Slope offers a fun outdoor area for warm days in Amish Country.

French Ridge Vineyards

The owners of French Ridge Vineyards are passionate about their craft. With acres and acres of grapes, they produce everything from dry reds to sweet whites.

Love to sleep among the vineyards? French Ridge Vineyards offers two cabin rentals for guests that aren’t quite ready to leave this picturesque location in southern Holmes County.

Ugly Bunny Winery

Ugly Bunny Winery is a great stop on the western edge of Holmes County near Loudonville. Here you’ll find plenty of red and white wines to taste and enjoy, as well as hard ciders and wine slushies.

Guests to the Ugly Bunny can also bring their appetite, as the menu offers appetizers, 12″ pizzas, and desserts like tiramisu. Check the Ugly Bunny Facebook page for hours and events.

Ugly Bunny winery- Amish Country Ohio - Best wineries of Amish Country - Things to do in Ohio

Where to stay near wineries in Millersburg, Ohio

Those wanting to overnight near Millersburg may consider the historic Hotel Millersburg, conveniently located within walking distance to the Millersburg Brewery. Other options in Millersburg are the Holiday Inn or Comfort Inn. Those desiring a romantic evening should consider staying at the Inn at Honey Run.

Wineries near Sugarcreek, Ohio

Baltic Mill Winery

Baltic Mill Winery combines history and wine in its location at the old Baltic Mill. Purchased in 2013 by Dan and Judy Garver and renovated to its turn-of-the-century splendor, visitors to the winery won’t be disappointed by the wine or the scenery! If the weather is nice, opt for a flight out on the patio as you watch the buggies meander down Main Street.

For those who prefer dry wine, try the Blend No 111, while those who enjoy sweeter flavors may be entranced by the sweet Just Peachy.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars

Started in 1980, this is the original Amish Country winery. Known for its Dandelion wines (and Dandelion Fest), Breitenbach offers a tasting room and shop. The best place at Breitenbach is the outdoor patio, the perfect spot for lunch on a warm summer day! Surrounded by wine barrels and views of the countryside, visitors feel like they’ve been transported to Europe.

Check out the Breitenbach Wine Cellars website for information on events.

Breitenbach Winery - near Sugarcreek, Ohio - Best wineries in Amish Country, Ohio -

Silver Moon Winery

Just a bit down the road from Breitenbach Wine Cellars, Silver Moon Winery offers over 40 wines! They may be known for their sweet selections and dessert wines, but you’ll want to try them all. The gift shop has an assortment of gift ideas for wine lovers.

Silver Moon Winery- Dover, Ohio- Best Wineries of Amish Country, Ohio - Things to do in Amish Country, Ohio

Where to stay near wineries in Sugarcreek

The most convenient hotel for the wineries near Sugarcreek, Ohio would be a stay at the Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek. The Carlisle Inn has an indoor pool and is right next door to Dutch Valley Restaurant. Check current rates.

It’s hard to pick my favorite Amish Country winery – they all have unique characteristics that make them worth visiting! I hope you have fun exploring the wineries of Amish Country. If you’ve already been, leave a comment with your favorite!

Planning your first visit to Ohio’s Amish Country – start planning your trip with this guide.

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Wineries of Amish Country, Ohio - things to do in Amish Country. These wineries near Millersburg, Ohio and Sugarcreek, Ohio are sure to please visitors to Amish Country!

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